The football game...

...we never saw and a new car.

One goal during the roadtrip we all had was to see a football game. Unfortunatelly frequently we were in the wrong town at the wrong time we discovered. But in Miami it should match with a collegue league game. So was the plan for this Saturday afternoon. Before game we spontainously headed to the Wynwood walls. A place like a street gallery with graffities. Some quite nice and cool others lets say a bit mainstream and not so special.

A two hour drive later due to heavy traffic all around Miami we arrived at the stadium parking just as the game had begun. By leaving our car we discovered that there was a bag missing...

Not sure what exactly happend we headed back to the only stop we had made earlier where someone could have taken the bag from our car at a gas station. Finding nothing there we discovered little marks at the drivers door of our car. So it turned out that our car had been broken up while we were at the Wynwood walls. Luckily there was nothing valuable in the bag. The iphone i had forgotten in the car was still in it. 

So the next stop had to be the Hertz station to change the car what by the way was a bit an odysse by it self. For good the new car was like one class up regarding the interior.

But luck which had accopanied us so far for the whole roadtrip with the weather and most of all things we had done wasn't entirely gone. For dinner we went to a brasilian Steakhouse in downtown Miami and this was one hell off a blast!

So to sum up we learned: it seems to be easier to breack up modern cars than it is to actually go to a football game;).