The land of the roosters

Key West

Already the the 3 hours drive over all the other islands of the keys until you reach Key West is worth to go. You cross green islands, one that is home to the only here existing key deer, little towns and sometimes you're on a miles and miles long bridge over the atlantic ocean. 

Arriving in Key West 150miles away from the mainland is like arriving in a quite normal small US city. You find everything you would expect from any other town like Walgreens, Burgerking, McDonalds and all the other companies. Besides that there is a lovely old town with nice houses in one of them our hotel was located, and off course a quite tropical feeling. And there is one special thing about this town you will discover no later than the first morning because it might wake you up. There are a lot of roosters all across the old town. They are the animal of Key west and are protected by law.