Here we are again!

It's cool to be back. Strangely coming back to NY was a little bit like coming home again after the 2 weeks of road trip. Altough there is a lot more to discover...

A broadway show, Brooklyn and all the way down to Coney Island, East Village, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side, the party life of NY and much more...

A relaxing flight all across the US

Welcome aboard Virgin America flight 27 from NY to SF

The time flew by really fast and today it's already time to leave NY and so to leave the US east cost. So currently im on the airplaine heading towards San Francisco. Its a quite relaxin flight, with cool food, quite a lot of space and even WLAN. So a perfect time to watch a movie, to chill and also to write a bit on the blog and so to remember all the amazing things that i could disvocer over the last 3 weeks. And now im looking foreward to 2 more month at the US west coast and mainly in SF. So hopfully a lot of cool things and people to come.
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A perfect view of the Statue of Liberty

A trip to Staten Island

As soon as you leave the dock on the Staten Island ferry you will get a better and better view of Manhatton. You even will get quite close to the Statue of Liberty without queuing all day.

Once arrive on Staten Island one of the first things you will notice if you walk around the port ist the Staten Island September 11 Memorial. As you proceede a bit away from the coast you will come to quite nice streets that looks like a typical neigborhood in American movies.
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You would not believe it, there can be service on American domestic flights!

Our Delta flight back to NY

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