After a short train ride from NY to Philadelphia, a walk through Philli and a delicious and typically cheese stake our car awaited us. And off we go...
Us @ Washington D.C.
Us @ Washington D.C.
Our car
Our car



Washington D.C.


Shenandoah National Park

Virginia or "the green state"

Leaving the busy cities of Philadelphia and Washington D.C. behind we headed to the Shenandoah National Park. A 105 miles long roadway through a stunning landscape.
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Outer Banks - Ocracoke

Crossing the atlantic...

...with a ferry built in New Bern

Early in the morning we took a 2h and 15minutes ride on the ferry from Okracoke to Cedar Island. A really relaxing and a bit timless way to travel perfect to lay back and just enjoy the life. 
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Overnight stop at Ocracoke

Harborside Motel

There are only two ways to get to and from Ocracoke away. You take the ship or the plane. We came by ship, more presicelly the ferry which runs from Hatteras. The most southern point of the main outer banks island. Once arrived we checked in to the Harborside Motel. Cindy who runs the motel with her husband welcomed us really friendly and even offerd to check for us if there are any free capacities on the ferry leaving early next morning. Whitch wasn't such a complicated thing to do because her cousin works at the ferry office. She later told us, that she's related to half of the island anyway. 

86 degree F and sunny weather so it had to be even it was almost 7 o'clock in the evening that we went swimming in the atlantic ocean witch also happend to be quite warm.
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Outer Banks

North Carolinas summer holiday region and place of the first wright brothers flight

Yesterday: the mountains, today: the sea...

The first great view of the Outer Banks islands you get as soon as you leave Point Harbour and drive over the big bridge towardas Kitty Hawk, the first little town on the Outer Banks. As you proceed southbound on the outer banks big hotels and holiday houses switch with great green landscapes, beaches and of course beautiful views over the sea.

New Bern

New Bern NC

The big one in North Carolina - birthplace of a big and famous softdrink

There are a lot of villages and towns with swiss names all across the USA. Also a lot of towns called New Bern. We visited the biggest and probabely also the most connected one to Bern in Switzerland. New Bern in North Carolina is a partnership town to Bern (Switzerland) and has the same flag apart from some tiny little details (to be discovered in the pictures). It seemes the people pf New Bern are really proud of their roots. For example John, owner of the Bern Bear Gifts Shop, where we stepped by by chance. When he discovered where we come from he was really excited and told us the whole history of New Bern and about his own connection to switzerland. And of course we had to sign his Swiss-Book witch he asks every Swiss who visits his store to sign and there are a lot of signatures in it. So much that he had to start e second book. 

But New Bern is not only famous for his connection to Bern, it's also the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola. You can visit the same building where Pepsi-Cola was invented days ago. Today it's a Pepsi-Cola merchandise store. 
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Myrtle Beach



How do you imagine a real Motel?

Welcome to the Quality Inn at Savannah

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

You'd like to go to the Beach but you're tired of walking? - no problem!

There really are a lot of beaches in Florida but its hard to find one like Daytona Beach. Here you dont walk to, you just drive on it! You park on the sand 10 meters away from the see. A bit crazy and cool at the same time and definetely typicall american I'd say. 
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Orlando - Universal Resort

Holydays as they have to be

or at least how Universal Studios and Walt Disney thinks how you should spend your "once in a lifetime" holidays

We made a two days stop at Orlando FL to visit three of the more than ten amusement parks which gathering around Orlando.

We stayed at a small local hotel, styled in a 50ies-look and run by the Universal Studios with only 1800 rooms.

The first day was the day of the two Universal parks.

Orlando - Disney's Tayphoon Lagoon Waterpark

Melbourne / Indialantic


at Indialantic

After the first day off we took from our roadtrip with chillin at the beach and at the pool the day ended with our first ever visit since the begin of the roadtrip in a Steakhouse. There is not much to say about: it was just fantastic. Not only the steak witch by the way was nearly mindblowing but the whole experience at the Texas Road House in Indialantic was really perfect. 
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Miami Beach



Hi little Alligator

If you're travelling around Florida one of the places possibly everyone has to go are the Everglades. And of course we had to go to.

Sun and rain switcht during our stay in the Everglades this morning. But that did not bother us if you look at the pictures you will see why. There are stonningly landscapes that seemes endless and of 
course there are the alligators. Luckily we saw two of them. One was quite hard to spot.
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Key West

The southern most point and the end of a road...

... and somehow also the end of our roadtrip.

Mostly all the time since we startet with our roudtrip in Philadelphia we headed south. So the day had to come that we reach the southern most point of the US. Which we did in Key West. 
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The land of the roosters

Key West

Already the the 3 hours drive over all the other islands of the keys until you reach Key West is worth to go. You cross green islands, one that is home to the only here existing key deer, little towns and sometimes you're on a miles and miles long bridge over the atlantic ocean. 

Arriving in Key West 150miles away from the mainland is like arriving in a quite normal small US city. You find everything you would expect from any other town like Walgreens, Burgerking, McDonalds and all the other companies. Besides that there is a lovely old town with nice houses in one of them our hotel was located, and off course a quite tropical feeling. And there is one special thing about this town you will discover no later than the first morning because it might wake you up. There are a lot of roosters all across the old town. They are the animal of Key west and are protected by law. 
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